Going to Europe

It’s time for a vacation. In a few hours, we’ll be hopping on a flight to Amsterdam and we’ll be spending the next three weeks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Paris, and London.

We’re hoping to use the long flight and Nicole’s new video iPod to catch up on 24, for which we have managed to get 6 episodes behind.

See y’all later!

5 thoughts on “Going to Europe

  1. Hey Marc,
    Say hi to Nicole for me. Hope y’all have fun! Drink a fine Belgian Ale for me.

  2. Great guitar!

    See you’re off to the Netherlands. Lovely Recovery is an Anglo-Dutch effort. Most of the recording is done in lil ol Boskoop.

    If you need some good music to smooth life’s journey pay us a visit at lovelyrecovery.com No charge and no dodgy downloads – just great songs.

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