Day 1: Amsterdam

We finally made a first pass through the 2000+ pictures that we took on our recent trip to the Netherlands, Belgium, Paris, London, and Bath and I uploaded some of the better ones to Flickr. Here’s the first installment in a sort of travel log (accompanied by a few photos).


Our first day in Amsterdam was a bit of a blur since we were extremely tired after the long flight. After a minor adventure figuring out where to buy a strippenkaart for the tram (turns out you simply buy it at a little snack shop near the trams), we took the tram to Prinsengracht and walked a bit to our hotel (Dikker and Thijs Fenice Hotel). Then we walked around a bit, mostly around the Jordaan neighborhood, and had dinner at a nice little place called Café De Reiger. Then we walked to the hotel and went to bed early.



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