Goodbye, Treo 650

My Treo 650 is dead. A few days ago it stopped working – wouldn’t turn on, wouldn’t charge. I futzed around it for it a bit and got it to work for a few hours. And then it stopped working again. And then I got it working again and had the screen go wacky on me a couple of times and now it is not working again. I opened it up and looked around for loose connections and didn’t see anything.

So now I’m looking for a new Cingular (err, AT&T) phone.

I was hoping to get something with nice 3G data speeds and a decent camera. I want something fairly easy to type on since I always used my Treo more for Internet than for phone calls. When I do make phone calls, I want to actually be able to hear them (I had a lot of problems in this regard with my Treo) and I want to be able to use Bluetooth and have a longer than 4 foot range.

So far it’s not looking good. All of the phones I’ve looked at so far seem to fall short in one area or another.

  • Cingular 8525 – Despite its 3G capability, Web surfing speed was atrocioius when I tried it in store. Did not like Windows Mobile or the overall feel of the phone.
  • Samsung Sync – CNET was not impressed with call quality, navigation, and buttons
  • LG CU500 – User reviews a bit sketchy on CNET
  • Motorola RAZR V3xx – not quad band, CNET seemed to indicate so-so voice quality, seems to be crippled by Cingular (e.g.: no MP3 ring tones, constant Java permission warnings for non-Cingular apps)
  • Blackberry 8800 – GPS is very cool, but no 3G and no camera.
  • Blackberry 8100c – No 3G and not sure yet if I will like the Blackberry OS or the trackball.

I’ve only really played with the 8525 so far (a few weeks ago), so I still need to head over to a store and try them out in person as the feel of a phone and its UI is a very subjective thing.

If anyone has any recommendations for phones I should look at, please do post them…

TV shows that run over – weak. Super weak.

Following up on the American Idol 6 finale running over it’s time slot

Irate `American Idol’ fans shocked as DVR recordings miss ending

There were complaints earlier this month after a key episode of “Heroes” ran several minutes long. There were more last week from VCR users when the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” ran a whopping 15 minutes over its scheduled time.

Huh? Those shows aren’t even live. How did they manage to run over on pre-recorded shows? 15 minutes?!?!

Amazon Unbox so far a no-go on my TiVo Series 3

I just registered for Amazon Unbox and I read in several places that the TiVo Series 3 is supported.

However, after linking my Amazon account with my TiVo account, only my Philips Series 1 DVR showed up.

So I went to TiVo Online | DVR Preferences and I saw that Enable Video Downloads is checked for my Series 1, but for my Series 3 it says “N/A”.

TiVo s3 download na

Now I know that Series 3 doesn’t yet support TiVoToGo, but I have never heard anything about not being able to download *to* a Series 3 or use Amazon Unbox – in fact, all the docs I’ve seen from both Amazon and TiVo seem to indicate that a Series 3 should work.

I posted on TiVo’s support forums and other folks also indicated that it should work.

I’m going to give TiVo a call and see what they can do…

American Idol final goes into overtime

Though the result is out, I am not going to spoil it for those of you who don’t want to have it spoiled for you.

The subject of my post is the format of the show. They stretched the show out to 2 hours and used the 2 hours to promote every previous American Idol and their albums ad nauseum and to poke fun again at a few of the particularly notable people who got cut early. And all of this stretched on so long that the show went into overtime. There are probably some folks out there who are pissed off because their TiVos cut out early.

Emperor Norton

Our local casual Italian restaurant/pizza joint has great pizza and a strange name, “Emperor Norton”. A name so odd deserves an explanation and it turns out to be a rather interesting story:

Wikipedia: Emperor Norton

Only in San Francisco could a crazy dude get the notoriety and respect that this guy got.