American Idol final goes into overtime

Though the result is out, I am not going to spoil it for those of you who don’t want to have it spoiled for you.

The subject of my post is the format of the show. They stretched the show out to 2 hours and used the 2 hours to promote every previous American Idol and their albums ad nauseum and to poke fun again at a few of the particularly notable people who got cut early. And all of this stretched on so long that the show went into overtime. There are probably some folks out there who are pissed off because their TiVos cut out early.

5 thoughts on “American Idol final goes into overtime

  1. Well, that has been happening a lot with American Idol, where they run over by a minute or two. This time, though, they ran over long enough that had my girlfriend not caught the fact that it was running over, I would not have seen the end of the show myself. I was thinking about telling it to record 5 extra minutes before, but I think next season I will tell it to record 20 extra minutes when it records American Idol.

  2. They should have known better. The last few Idol shows have all gone over. Yes, this was way over, but back when I use to use my VCR, I always allowed 30minutes before and after just in case.

  3. Should have known better? How does making the tivo experience as good as the live-tv experience help AI? I thought shows loved to thwart tivo recordings by running overtime with the hopes that it would convince some viewers to watch the shows live (with all ads) in the future.

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