Amazon Unbox so far a no-go on my TiVo Series 3

I just registered for Amazon Unbox and I read in several places that the TiVo Series 3 is supported.

However, after linking my Amazon account with my TiVo account, only my Philips Series 1 DVR showed up.

So I went to TiVo Online | DVR Preferences and I saw that Enable Video Downloads is checked for my Series 1, but for my Series 3 it says “N/A”.

TiVo s3 download na

Now I know that Series 3 doesn’t yet support TiVoToGo, but I have never heard anything about not being able to download *to* a Series 3 or use Amazon Unbox – in fact, all the docs I’ve seen from both Amazon and TiVo seem to indicate that a Series 3 should work.

I posted on TiVo’s support forums and other folks also indicated that it should work.

I’m going to give TiVo a call and see what they can do…

One thought on “Amazon Unbox so far a no-go on my TiVo Series 3

  1. In case you are still struggling … my Tivo3 worked fine except for Unbox, until I manually entered my DNS IP address. And magically, everything worked. Hope that helps.

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