CableCARD problems again

Once again, we’re not getting some of our channels. Yesterday we couldn’t get Bravo; tonight we get Bravo, but not Comedy Central.

We’ve had problems like this before and it usually requires calling Comcast and giving them a bunch of numbers for our CableCARDs and having them give them an electronic kick in the pants.

I’ll call Comcast tomorrow.


Update: The TiVo was saying that CableCARD 1 was not functioning properly. After calling Comcast and scheduling an appointment for Saturday and futzing around with the TiVo which was acting really weird (getting confused which cards were inserted or not), I rebooted the TiVo and all seems to be well now. Crossing fingers…

One thought on “CableCARD problems again

  1. I’ve had to reboot my S3 before just to get a CC to work. I my opinion, the only thing bad about the S3 are the CCs. I wish I didn’t have to deal with them.

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