Got suspend to disk working on my Asus S-presso

As previously mentioned, I was trying to get suspend to RAM and/or suspend to disk working on my Asus S-presso box with Ubuntu feisty.

Well, I got it to work. The problem was lame – for some reason when I installed uswsusp and it regenerated the initrd, it only did the 2.6.20-16-generic file and I was running the 2.6.20-16-386 kernel. I just had to do a mkinitramfs -u -k $(uname -r) and that updated the proper initrd for my kernel of choice.

Now I suspend to disk by doing sudo s2disk and then later when I power on the machine and choose the relevant item in the grub menu, the newly generated initrd will automatically resume by reading from my /dev/sda5 swap partition.

I also played with s2ram, but haven’t had too much luck there yet. My machine is not in the whitelist and I tried forcing it with -f and other options. What seems to happen is the machine attempts to suspend to RAM but then gets immediately woken up and goes right to the GNOME screensaver password prompt. I also tried upgrading to the latest version of uswsusp (0.7 [2007-09-03] instead of the 0.3 version that is in Ubuntu Feisty). No dice. Heck, perhaps my machine has a broken ACPI implementation. From what I hear, the ACPI spec is quite complex and is often poorly implemented.

I’d like to get s2ram working (any ideas?), but at least now I have s2disk working.

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