Even though I’ve been using Emacs for years, I still have trouble
remembering a lot of the key combinations for commands that I
don’t use all the time (e.g.: killing and yanking rectangles,
bookmarks, etc.). I think Lotus 123 for DOS had a remarkably cool
user interface in that the menus let you explore around and find
things if you were a newbie, but once you knew the key sequences,
you could become very fast with it. This is my attempt at doing
something like the Lotus 123 menu system for Emacs.


The above elisp defines only the primitives for creating menus and not the menus themselves. The nice thing about this is that the user is free to define whatever menus and keybindings are most convenient for them.

Here’s an example of how I use it in my .emacs:

If you use this, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvements.

One thought on “123-menu.el

  1. I’ve been using this now for more than a year. I like that one can define and menu-annotate a new keybinding by adding just one line to the .emacs file.

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