My favorite monad tutorial

Been reading up a bit lately on Haskell and observing that there are a ton of monad tutorials out there. I’ve looked at a few and I have to say that my current favorite is:

A Neighborhood of Infinity: You Could Have Invented Monads! 

mostly I think because it’s interactive and guides you to discover the concept instead of spoon-feeding it to you. I recommend firing up GHC and trying the exercises he gives you.

2 thoughts on “My favorite monad tutorial

  1. I find it ironic that the most popular topic in the functional programming camp is about circumventing the very basic principles of FP.

  2. George,

    There’s no circumvention going on. Apart from I/O, anything you can do with a monad can be done in a pure functional language without monads, but monads let you organise the code much more nicely.

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