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My new MacBook Pro arrived yesterday. I expected that it was going to come with Leopard pre-installed, but instead it came with Tiger and a Leopard DVD. Perhaps this is better in case there are enough bugs and incompatibilities, that I’d rather use Tiger until Leopard matures a bit. I have installed Leopard and haven’t played with any of the new features like Spaces or Time Machine, but I have run into a minor problem or two with

MacBook Pro 15-inch - 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro

  1. Congrats on the MacBook Pro. They are nice. 🙂

    I haven’t had any real Leopard problems. It’s much nicer actually. But then again, I don’t use X11. What do you use it for out of curiosity?

  2. Yes, me too — new MacBook Pro. I was tempted to do as I usually do and avoid the new release until others find the bugs but this time, I jumped right in.

    A few bugs but only one fatal one: My ancient copy of Photoshop 7. No cure for that one but then, it’s really, really old.

    One important issue is to upgrade or remove Application Enhancer (used by various apps, most notably Logitech’s keyboard software), as older versions will crash you. New version won’t crash but it also won’t work. The keyboard still works but the extra media keys don’t.

    The new Spotlight is great — fixes everything that made me nuts.

    Spaces is very sweet.

    The new iPhoto is stellar.

    Muddling my way through the rest…

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