S-presso dead

My little Asus S-presso small-form-factor PC that was running Ubuntu is dead.

Fans don’t even spin when I try to power it up. I suspect that the power supply burned out.

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  1. My s-presso psu went bang after 14 months, can’t get any help from retailer or Asus site. can we fix the PSU?? HELP anyone.

  2. I had a lot of problems replacing the Asus power supply in the S-presso the Pn:SL-22A (Pn:04-185007700 or its replacements the 04G-185007701 currently not aivailable anywhere so I went to http://www.enuinc.com here in Hillsboro , Or and got a MICRO ATX 250W P4-12V Model MP4 25 ATX (KY350ATX) AND ITS 250W I had to remove the 4 screows holding the top of the power supply and then remove the 4 screws holding the fan then cut a 1/4 of an inch off the tpower supply to reducde the hight of the power supply by a 1/4 of an inch then attach one screw to the back of the power supply to mout the power supply at leastAPPROX 1/2 AN INCH FRON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE CASE FROM THE BACK VIEW. I secured the fan using a small tie wrap so that it wouldhe fan across the opened power supplyto help cool it

  3. I can send you photos of what I have done upon request, my working power supply, Asus not repairing or replacing theirs

  4. I had 2 of these from ASUS and within a month of each other, they both died.

    What a bunch of “CRAP”. I think we should BLOG the hell out this and maybe that would get ASUS’s attention.


    A VERY UNHAPPY ASUS customer

  5. go to http://www.enuinc.com get a 250 watt power supply micro ATX 250 WATT P4 -12 V MODEL MP4 ATX25 (KY-250ATX) ACINPUT115/230Vac-7/4a 60/50 hz remove the top cover with fan remove 4 screws that hold fan to coverthen u need to cut a 1/4 inchof the two exposed just above the heat sink of the two exposed edges in order to mount this supply into the case I used a tie wrap to mount the fan to one side of the of the case and the back of the power supplyto the case
    Gene Sikora
    it works

  6. I recently gutted one of these little SFF PSUs and found they were fitted out with low quality (Teapo) capacitors, the ‘air flow’ also appeared to be compromised for the sake of size not to mention the fitted low CFM fan… and to think this PSU had been given promoted by ‘xbitlabs.com’ as surpassing it’s larger rivals in quality & features – phooey!

    This particular PSU had purportedly been ‘repaired’ whilst still under the 12Mth warranty but had died not long after said period ended, the internal capacitors were all either bloated OR leaking (including the serviced replacement component) sadly replacing these only proved to mask the REAL issue with this PSU which eventually failed again… hopefully I’ll get to do an autopsy, my best working theory is heat related component failure 🙁

  7. I have a S-Presso and the Asusprobe software is showing the PS fan is not spinning (0 RPM). Since the power supply seems to not be available anywhere, and only the fan is defective, I am looking to replace the fan only. Anyone know the fan details?

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