TiVo HME SDK for Python

Just stumbled up on this (via TiVoBlog who in turn found it via TiVo Lovers) and will have to give it a try sometime:

From TiVo HME SDK for Python:

An implementation of TiVo’s HME (Home Media Extensions) protocol for Python, as a module (hme.py), a simple server (hmeserver.py), and examples (mostly ported from TiVo’s Java HME SDK). Everything is released under the LGPL 2.1+, except where noted. (Most of the examples are Common Public License.)

I developed this in Python 2.5.1, and haven’t tested it with other versions, but it does nothing exotic. (hme.py depends only on the struct module. hmeserver.py is a bit more demanding.) But I have tested it in Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows XP.


We started doing yoga recently at the YMCA. We did it three times and had three different teachers and monotonically increasing difficulty. The last workout was actually difficult enough to be discouraging – the instructor said the routine was a combination of yoga and martial arts. Whatever it was, it kicked my butt.

Musical weekend

This past weekend was quite a musical one for me. On Saturday, I went to a surprise birthday party for my old friend Nick that I played in a couple of bands with. The party was attended by several musicians who have played with each other in various configurations over the years and so naturally the guitars came out and many tunes were played. And I got to see a bunch of folks that I have not seen in too long. Great fun.

On Sunday, I braved driving through the rain to jam with Vlad, a colleague that I know from my time at Yahoo. It was so much fun that I lost track of the time and stayed long enough for my wife to freak out. Realizing this on the drive home and then realizing that my cell phone battery was dead, I went through the frustrating experience of getting change and then trying three separate banks of pay phones, none of which were in operating condition, before giving up and driving home. I guess these days even 8-year-olds are probably carrying around cell phones so the phone companies don’t bother with maintaining pay phones anymore.

When I got home, I located my Logic Express CD with the serial number and fired it up on my MacBook Pro for the first time. There are some pretty nifty loops in there (including drum, guitar, bass, harmonica, and others) so that should be fun, although I was fairly overwhelmed by the user interface. I wonder if there is a good book out there that explains Logic Express, or if I should check out the alternatives like Cubase.

Hello world

I haven’t blogged in a while.

Well, first there were the holidays, then I got sick, then Nicole and I went away to Napa and Mendocino for a few days, and then while there we got sick again.

I’m still not feeling 100%. This has been a weird one — I’ve had very little appetite for the last week and a very “nervous stomach” and I am sleeping tons, but not having a lot of energy (I suppose due to how little I’ve been eating).

I think I’m doing better this morning than yesterday morning, though I haven’t eaten anything yet — knock wood.