Not working

It’s nice not having a job.

I quit VMware. Not my cup of tea.

People ask me what my new job is. I answer that I don’t know and people react with either horror or an envious smile. The fact is, it’s a pain to interview while you’re at another job. And you don’t have much time to devote to your job search – one of the most life-impacting decisions you can make.
And besides, there is an abundance of jobs out there right now.

The only problem is that I had hoped that not working would be relaxing and so far it’s been too full for my taste with interviews and phone calls. I’m getting a little wary of talking about my history and wanting to look ahead to the future.

2 thoughts on “Not working

  1. Hi Marc,

    It’s unfortunate that you’re no longer with VMware! I only had a few e-mail exchanges with you, but aside from your skill-set, you seem like a genuinely nice guy. A loss for VMware, no doubt.

    It’s too bad I didn’t get to know you and others on your team better. I’m the only developer on my team right now, so the only people I get to bounce questions and ideas off of, are the guys and gals on the MTS mailing list :\

    I’ve no doubt you’ll find your bearings, work-wise. However I wish you the best of clarity and relaxation while not employed 🙂


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