Yesterday, we had Zerorez come out and clean the carpet in our living room/dining room, office, and stairs. I had heard their commercials on KGO-AM-810 (Gene Burns does their spots often) and we were intrigued by their purported zero-residue cleaning method.

Everything looks very clean. We are especially happy that they got out a bunch of stains in the office that seem to have come from the casters on our office chair (today, we went to Staples and bought a chairmat to hopefully prevent that in the future).

They told us they could not clean an orange stain in the corner of the living room and I am not surprised. That came from me going a bit overboard a few months back with that spray can foam insulation stuff. I was trying to seal some little gaps that I thought were a little drafty and I underestimated the ability of this foam to expand an incredible amount and then attach itself to carpet fibers and then achieve diamond-like hardness. At the time, I tried various carpet cleaners and scrubbed until my arms were tired – I tried just about everything short of a flame thrower I think. So while it would’ve been nice if Zerorez were able to steam that bitch out, I’m not too surprised that they couldn’t and I give them credit for fessing up to it in the debriefing.

So we were pretty pleased with Zerorez.

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  1. I have been trying to call for the Veteran’s day deal of $99 for three rooms and I can not get through.

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