Xcode/iPhone error 0xE8000001: problem and fix

As you all probably know, I’ve written a word game for the iPhone called Word Up!

reacquainted - 288 points

Tonight, I started getting an error while trying to run my app from Xcode on my device (provisioned for development). The error was:

Your mobile device has encountered an unexpected error (0xE8000001)
during the install phase: Copying file.
Try disconnecting and powering off the device; then power the device
on and reconnect it.

I tried resetting the device a number of times and rebooting my MBP as well to no avail. It was beginning to look like I was going to have to do the dreaded restore and then lose all the cool jailbreak stuff that I’ve become so accustomed to. And then that made me remember that because my device is jailbroken, I can ssh to it and poke around. I wondered if a previous failed copy left some garbage on the device that was causing subsequent copies to fail.

iPhone:/ root# find . -name 'Word Up*'
./private/var/mobile/Media/PublicStaging/Word Up!.app
iPhone:/ root# cd /var/mobile/Media/PublicStaging/
iPhone:/var/mobile/Media/PublicStaging root# rm -rf Word\ Up\!.app/

Bingo. That fixed it. So if you hit this problem and you happen to have access to the filesystem of the device, give it a shot.

Push Button For McCain

McCain apparently has a pervasive campaign where he’s managed to somehow get his name on tons of street-crossing button thingies in Sunnyvale, California.

Look closely at the picture below. “McCain” appears in two places.

“Push Button For McCain” these things read and if pushing these buttons does indeed register votes for McCain, then forget about ACORN – this would be an unprecedented level of voter fraud.

Push Button For McCain

The California Academy of Sciences

Could be more aptly named “The San Francisco Museum of Crowds and Waiting”.

I’ve been here for an hour and a half and have so far only had a $35 lunch for two, waited in several lines (several for lunch and currently in one for a rainforest thingy), found out the planetarium is sold out for the rest of the day, and wrote a cranky blog post on my iPhone while waiting in line.