DreamHost: Unlimited disk and bandwidth deal

Just noticed that DreamHost is offering an incredible deal for today only to celebrate their 11th birthday. From their site:

The first 1,111 new customers (Update: less than 30 remain!)
to sign up with DreamHost today will get UNLIMITED resources, both disk space and bandwidth, for the life of their hosting with us.

Check it out!

One thought on “DreamHost: Unlimited disk and bandwidth deal

  1. It is extremely misleading for Dreamhost to claim “unlimited” disk space. I’ve been with them for several years, and right now my stats say that I have 655.8 GB available for my account, and that I currently am using only 66.2 GB. … HOWEVER, I have now been working for two days to download around 58 GB that they don’t think is “directly” related to my site. (It is, but I’ve given up arguing with them.) So they have been sending threatening emails telling me to delete it or else. Now I’ve got to transfer all of that data somewhere else … but definitely NOT do DH and their measly 50 GB “plus” extra. Who are they kidding with this phony advertising? … The way they have been dealing with me, I assume they want me to leave, period. VERY MISLEADING ADVERTISING, IMHO! … BTW, I pay them around $100 per month for a Private Server.

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