Push Button For McCain

McCain apparently has a pervasive campaign where he’s managed to somehow get his name on tons of street-crossing button thingies in Sunnyvale, California.

Look closely at the picture below. “McCain” appears in two places.

“Push Button For McCain” these things read and if pushing these buttons does indeed register votes for McCain, then forget about ACORN – this would be an unprecedented level of voter fraud.

Push Button For McCain

2 thoughts on “Push Button For McCain

  1. Silly…that’s the metal company that made the frame for the button.

    If we have a candidate with the name sloan you’ll start saying “How did that Sloan guy get his name on every urinal in every bathroom in America?”

    Well, you made me laugh…I sure hope you’re not serious with this post though. Else you be saddled with high levels of asshattery.

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