Beat Halo 3 on Legendary

I beat Halo 3 on Legendary yesterday. Woo hoo!

Nothing that’s never been said before — Halo 3 is a great game, but the level “Cortana” is really fricking annoying. So many Flood, so little ammo, and so easy to get lost. Also, tons of Cortana and Gravemind moments that are really irritating. I did, however, have an easier time with it than I remember having when I played it on Normal months ago, due to a few stategies:

  • Avoiding combat wherever possible and running a lot. There’s just too much Flood to kill and it would take a long time and use up all your ammo. You often can run right through whole areas. Sometimes you will die and sometimes you might make it, if you try a few times. Some people speedrun pretty much the whole level. I took a hybrid approach, thinning out the Flood, where I thought I could do it and make escape easier.
  • Take the high road. I found that generally when I ran around on “rafters” on the upper level, there was much less resistance.
  • Using cloaking in some of the harder areas allows you to run through them.
  • For the part, where you have to expose and then destroy the three reactor access points, I used cloaking to get to the center and expose the targets and then I ran back to the hallway to where I rescued Cortana and was able to take out the 3 targets from there at leisure with the Brute Shot. I didn’t have much luck doing it all in one go, though I’ve seen people do it in videos. It seemed hard, so I searched for an easier way and I found it.

The last level, “Halo” was easier and more fun than “Cortana”.

All in all, Legendary is definitely more challenging than Normal, but not as bad as I had imagined. It’s definitely pretty fun, because it usually forces you to be a bit more clever in how you approach things (something which is easier to do once you’ve beaten the game on Normal and know generally what the missions and maps look like).