Today is the day

Today is 41 weeks and a day and our baby hasn’t come on his own, so today my wife is being induced. We’re at the hospital and my wife is receiving pitocin via an IV and now we’re just waiting…

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  2. Personally I recommend that peploe go ahead and enable it permanently, purely for its safety-net property.Even if you’re not using it regularly in your workflow and forget the key binding, so long as you can remember M-x winner-undo (or just winner the tab completions are few) you will really appreciate it the next time that an elaborate window configuration gets messed up, and you remember that you can get it all back again with a single command!For me, that was the original reason to add it to my init file; however it also quickly worked its way into my regular workflow, in much the same way that jcs found :)In addition, as it’s not clear from the article, note that it’s not just the previous configuration which is remembered. winner-mode maintains a list of all previous configurations up to a configurable maximum and you can step back through them all with repeated calls to winner-undo. This means you can take quite a detour’ from the configuration you wish to return to, and still use winner-undo to get back to where you started. For example, you might jump to some TAGs in other files, or execute a grep and then follow some matches, and afterwards you can always use winner-undo to return to the buffers you were originally looking at.Conversely winner-redo doesn’t step through the list, but always returns you directly to the most recent configuration. I actually find this slightly annoying if I overshoot’ with multiple winner-undo commands, so it’s probably a good candidate for customisation.

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