Top 5 OmniFocus Applescripts

I rely on OmniFocus (both the Mac and iPhone versions) to maintain some semblance of order in my life.

I occasionally think of ideas for scripts to make OmniFocus for Mac fit better with my workflow, but I seldom have the time to actually sit down and write them, especially since I’m not particularly strong with AppleScript. I have a few OmniFocus AppleScripts installed (the main one I use is “Complete and Await Reply”), but I often think that I’m just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

So I was very glad tonight to stumble upon Sven Fechner’s excellent post, Top 5 OmniFocus Applescripts, which covers 5 particularly helpful AppleScripts. The only one that I’ve tried so far is the one that Sven calls “Quickly find a project” (the script itself is called FindProject07.scpt if you download it), but that alone was an awesome find for me as navigating quickly to a project with the keyboard is so much faster than mousing and scrolling for me.

He mentions several other scripts which look really useful and I hope to take a look at those soon. I have of course added a project to OmniFocus for that 🙂

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