Canon MP560 scanner software possibly causing OS X 10.6.6 crashes for me

A follow-up of sorts to my earlier post on Canon MP560 and Snow Leopard troubles.

I’ve actually seen a fair number of kernel panics lately on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.6

This last one occurred last night while we were sleeping and this time, I actually looked at the stack trace in the morning. Note this part:

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: CIJScannerRegist

CIJScannerRegist almost undoubtedly refers to /Library/Image Capture/Support/LegacyDeviceDiscoveryHelpers/ which is almost undoubtedly something that was installed on the system by one of the numerous Canon software packages that I’ve installed for scanning support.

I am going to check to see if I have the latest stuff that Canon has available on their support site. Maybe this crash and the other problems I’ve had are fixed by a software update which I don’t have yet.

If not, then I fear that Canon has some problems in their drivers. I sent them this crash report too. I figure that if I am using the old version of their drivers, they will probably be able to tell and they will tell me to upgrade my software. If I’m using the latest software, then hopefully they will enter this as a bug into their system and hopefully can get something useful out of the crash report for fixing it.

2 thoughts on “Canon MP560 scanner software possibly causing OS X 10.6.6 crashes for me

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  2. This is also driving me crazy. I have a Canon MP460. It was a good printer/scanner before I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Now they sit next too each other but one of them is on strike. Now my scanner is a useless pile of plastic. I’ve downloaded drivers. Tried Mac’s Image Capture program, but the scanner doesn’t want to scan. very frustrating.

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