iTerm2: How to unsplit a pane back to a tab or window

This morning I accidentally dragged an iTerm2 tab and created a split pane in one of my tabs. I searched for quite a while to find out how to move it back to its own tab. Finally, I found it at

You can already do this by holding cmd-shift-opt and dragging the pane to a
tab bar or away from any terminal window to create a new window.

6 thoughts on “iTerm2: How to unsplit a pane back to a tab or window

  1. Thanks! I’ve had my cat do this a few times (I still don’t know what keys he hit!) and it’s infuriating trying to figure out how to undo it.

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  3. Thanks, this helped me as well (back then when I was using MacOS X :-))

  4. Thanks for the tip. This helped me also, although I’m finding that it doesn’t work if there aren’t additional tabs open. Meaning, if you start with 2 tabs and split them, there won’t be a tab bar on either pane. Just a single pane on top & bottom (if it’s a horizontal split) Since there isn’t a tab bar, I can’t seem to join the 2 panes. If one of the panes has another tab open, there will be a tab bar present, and it works perfectly though.

    I may just be doing something wrong, but either way it’s a nice feature

  5. Thanks @hf for the open-a-new-tab tip. Very helpful. It enabled me to take the tab that I had torn off into a separate window (in order to get an extra few lines for a screenshot) and then re-insert it back to its usual spot. 🙂

  6. Hi

    I just don’t understand the instructions here. Here is what I tried,

    I point to the window – at the bottom below the split and press Ctrl-Shift-Opt. I try to drag. It drags the entire window, not just the bottom part. I try this again pointing at the top part. Same thing.

    I right click on the window that is already split and I see commands to Split horizontally and Split vertically but no command to Unspilt or Close.

    I tried the command “Bury.” It makes the window go away and is not longer even findable.

    I don’t see why the program can so easily put itself in this fairly unfriendly state and not be able easily to change out of it just as easily.

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