OmniFocus extension for PopClip

I just hacked together an OmniFocus extension for PopClip

The extension creates a new task with the selected task in the OmniFocus quick entry window. Just a tiny bit of AppleScript.


Unpack into ~/Library/Application Support/PopClip/Extensions/OmniFocus.popclipext and then open the extension by double-clicking in Finder or using the open command.

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One thought on “OmniFocus extension for PopClip

  1. Hi, Marc,

    I’ve been examining your very nice nvALT PopClip extension in hopes of adapting it to use with a notes app called Apimac Notepad. Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress (hey, I’m a lowly English major). I’m afraid I can’t make much sense of the probably excellent docs on the PopClip site.

    Does your nvALT extension rely on built-in features of nvALT that other notes apps may not have?

    What I want to do in Apimac Notepad is exactly what your extension does for nvALT: copy highlighted text into a new note created in Apimac Notepad. Like nvALT, Apimac Notepad uses the first line of the note as its title.

    Thanks for any hints. I suspect you program for a living, so forgive me for seeking free advice from a pro. If you don’t have time, you can just ignore this request.

    -Charlie Law

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