Freebie Linux machine

A while back Yahoo! had an event where they gave away spare, old computing equipment to employees for free. I picked up a Stackable Systems rackmount server with a Pentium 3 850 MHz and a 36 GB Seagate Cheetah drive. My hope was to make a Linux box out of this, since there are no less than 4 computers in my home and surprisingly, all are running Windows, disconcerting for a geek like myself. Sure I have Cygwin on my Windows machines, but nothing beats the real thing.

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Got this in the mail today and found it to be amusing:

CSI mailing scan

I wonder what’s next…”Desperate Rabbis”… ? 🙂

Search Panel

Here’s an interesting little search sidebar that uses the Yahoo Web APIs. I found about it from this press release.

Search Panel, the popular browser companion which lets users search as they surf, now supports Yahoo! search. Thanks to Search Panel’s flexible architecture, the Yahoo! feed was fully integrated just one week after Yahoo! announced its API.

Here’s the search panel, which adds itself as a sidebar to IE:

Search Panel screenshot


Damn, I wish I had a TiVo that could run HME (I have a TiVo Series 1 and a DirecTiVo – neither of which can run the TiVo 7.x OS needed for HME :-() so that I could try this:

Fixed my blog layout for IE

I noticed while posting to my blog that the layout was totally and completely broken on IE (but fine on Firefox). After some trial and error, I tracked it down to my x2vnc post, which had some wide content inside <pre> tags. The quick fix that I made to repair the main page of my blog was to add a <!--more--> before that part of the post, which probably made sense anyway, plus it allowed my main page and my archives to look decent again.