Treo 650 SIM tray update

Last night I received a small envelope in the mail from Palm. It was stamped “Replacement parts enclosed” and I was puzzled because I didn’t remember ordering any parts from them.

It turns out that they’re sending out replacement SIM trays to all Treo 650 Cingular Wireless customers. Apparently, the original tray doesn’t provide a tight enough fit for some SIM cards and can cause malfunctions. The new SIM tray has some additional ribbing to hold the card in place.

Kudos to Palm for supporting their customers and simply automatically sending out the part to those affected.

Using Bluetooth DUN on my Treo 650 with Mac OS X

I actually set this up a few weeks ago and was meaning to blog about it, but it slipped my mind.

Using the info in this article, I was able to set up Bluetooth DUN on my PowerBook so that I can surf the Web using my Treo’s wireless Internet connection. The speed is actually not all that bad. What’s much worse is that the connection gets dropped a lot, so if I use it for a long time I need to keep reconnecting, which is a pain. The nice thing about it is that I can have Internet access in a pinch even when there’s no WiFi around, like at my in-laws’ place.

Here’s the settings that work for me with Cingular Wireless:

Bluetooth DUN settings for Cingular Wireless

Bluetooth Setup Assistant settings

(The password is “cingular1”).

I show them because what goes in the “Telephone Number” and “Account Name” fields is not so obvious.

Treo: Shortcut5

From treoAddicts

If you miss the ability to edit your own shortcuts on the Treos (my Treo 650 lets me invoke the pre-defined shortcuts using the shortcut symbol, e.g.: s+Alt+Down+Down+Down+L+U = “Lunch” but doesn’t let me create my own like I could on previous Palm devices), then check out Shortcut5 from Mark Tamura.

My two favorite custom shortcuts are:

.ds = @@y4-@@m2-@@d2 (date stamp in YYYY-MM-DD format, my favorite because it sorts most logically)
.dts = @@y4-@@m2-@@d2 @@ts (date and time stamp)

Treo: Stuck Shift Key

From treoAddicts:

A few weeks ago I started experiencing problems where my Treo 650 would become totally unresponsive – none of the keys would work. Even a reset didn’t help. I was convinced my Treo had died but I eventually happened upon the cause.

Somewhere along the way, my right shift key lost its elasticity and became hard as a rock with no spring to it. It’s permanently stuck physically and apparently it very easily gets stuck electronically as well, thereby disabling all other keys.

I’ve tried and failed to unwedge the key with a tiny screwdriver or needlenose pliers. It still has that hard feeling with no give. Next I guess I’d try opening up the unit, but it seems to need some tiny Torx bit that I don’ have (smaller than T-10). Anyone complete this operation successfully?