links for 2007-04-11

SD West

I went to SD West 2007 in Santa Clara today and it was pretty interesting. Most of the day was spent in two interesting half-day sessions on C++ design from Kevlin Henney:

And there was also an interesting keynote called “Craftsmanship and the Problem of Productivity: Secrets for Going Fast without Making a Mess” on TDD and Agile development from Robert Martin.

Patching Marc Rochkind’s Ux library

I’ve begun playing a bit with the Ux library from Marc Rochkind‘s book: Advanced UNIX Programming. Ux, recently mentioned by Bruce as well, is essentially a bunch of C++ wrappers for standard POSIX calls.

Unfortunately, it didn’t build cleanly out of the box. I had to make a number of changes to Ux to get it to compile on my Ubuntu Dapper Drake Linux system with gcc-3.4 and gcc-4.0…

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