Up Yaws!

Getting yaws own Erlang web server running on Ubuntu Edgy Eft

I wanted to set up Yaws on my home Ubuntu box so that I could play around with ErlyWeb.

I started by installing the available Ubuntu package:

marc@tbird:~$ sudo aptitude install yaws

This installed just fine, but when I tried to run it, I ran into immediate trouble:

marc@tbird:~$ yaws -i
Eshell V5.5.1  (abort with ^G)
1> exec: 1: setuid_drv: not found

A quick peek at the Yaws page suggested that this was a known problem that had been fixed recently. I guess Ubuntu hasn’t picked up the fix yet, at least in Edgy.

So I downloaded the source code and set about building it. The only hitch was that my first attempt failed with an error about a missing PAM header file.

gcc -c -g -O2 -I/usr/include/security -I"/usr/lib/erlang/usr/include"
-I/usr/include/pam/  epam.c
epam.c:2:22: error: pam_appl.h: No such file or directory

Strange that the configure script didn’t catch the missing header file, but I digress.

The missing pam_appl.h header file was easily remedied with:

marc@tbird:~/sw/yaws-1.68$ sudo aptitude install libpam0g-dev

Then it built just fine and I could install it to my home directory using:

marc@tbird:~/sw/yaws-1.68$ make local_install

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