Thunderbird and Lightning

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the state of calendaring with Mozilla Thunderbird (e.g.: Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, and Lightning). I was hoping that they had made amazing strides in that time.

Well they’ve made a lot of progress, but it’s not stable yet. I installed a Thunderbird 3.0 nightly trunk build and a Lightning 0.1 extension on my PowerBook with OS X 10.4.6. Fired it up and now there was a nice little calendar in the Thunderbird UI. Cool! Let me import my calendar from a remote iCal file via WebDAV. Worked! Cool! But then it popped up 20 or so windows for past-due alarms. Clicking the “Dismiss” or “Dismiss All” button crashes Thunderbird. Every time. Sigh. Maybe I’ll check back in a couple of weeks.

I should probably also take another look at Chandler, which was butt ugly and not very useful last time I looked at it, but maybe it’s better now.

Thunderbird: Automatic marking of messages as read

Personally, I hate this feature and the fact that you cannot turn it off – there is a checkbox in the preferences but it’s meaning is whether to delay the marking – if you uncheck it, then the message is marked immediately. I typically have to check the box and put in a large delay but even that seems broken in TB 1.5 as it seems to choke on the large numbers.

If this annoys you too, please vote for the following bug:

Sync your Palm with Thunderbird address book

From treo Addicts:

For those of you who use Thunderbird, Firefox’s email companion, there is an extension available to sync your contacts with your Palm device. PalmSync winds up replacing the Palm address book Hotsync conduit. Unfortunately its only available for Windows users. You will want to have at least Thunderbird 1.0.2 installed (1.0.6 was recently released).

I have not tried this yet, but it looks pretty interesting. It’s a Windows-only conduit for syncing your Palm address book with the Thunderbird address book. Too bad I no longer have a Windows machine at work so I could only use this at home.