Making it easy to try DTrace4Linux

DTrace4Linux is an attempt (from UK developer Paul Fox, also known for his CRiSP editor) to bring the power of DTrace to Linux. It’s a kernel module (No kernel recompilation required! Yay!) and userland tools.

I did a bit of hacking around with Vagrant and Puppet and VirtualBox to make it dead easy to try.

Tweeted here.

Setting up OpenIndiana b151A

I’m in the process of installing OpenIndiana b151A in a VMware Fusion virtual machine.

Main reason is that I’ve become interested in DTrace and DTrace comes from the world of Solaris. OS X has DTrace too, but I’m noticing that it differs quite a bit from DTrace on Solaris, especially when it comes to developing with it — i.e.: instrumenting software with USDT probes.