Push Button For McCain

McCain apparently has a pervasive campaign where he’s managed to somehow get his name on tons of street-crossing button thingies in Sunnyvale, California.

Look closely at the picture below. “McCain” appears in two places.

“Push Button For McCain” these things read and if pushing these buttons does indeed register votes for McCain, then forget about ACORN – this would be an unprecedented level of voter fraud.

Push Button For McCain

A humorous day in the neighborhood

or at least on the neighborhood email list.

Take a look at this exchange (names deleted to protect the people whose names have been deleted) from a week ago:

Person A’s original post:

I am a resident of Alegro community. I have been hearing some animal
(PIG) making noises at night.
Last night some kind of animal (May be a Bear) scratched furious on the
walls of my downstairs bedroom. It was really scary experience.

Person B’s reply:

If I understood you right did you say a “bear” was scratching at your bedroom door? Or did they scratch the word “furious” confused.

How did the bear come in your house? Yes, I’ve heard bear noises as well, I always thought it was the boars that come around and eat all the lawn and grass?

This was just the beginning of a very long thread about animal control, but this was by far the best part.