Fixing VMware guestOS setting after the fact

I set up an OpenIndiana vm in VMware Fusion (see earlier post) but while setting it up, I accidentally selected “Other” for the guest OS type instead of “Solaris”. As a result, later on when I wanted to install VMware Tools, it wasn’t available in the menu because the system didn’t know which CD image to mount.

The fix was to edit the guestOS setting in the .vmx file.

But first I needed to figure out what the valid settings are for guestOS.

I took a clue from this page and did this:

$ strings '/Applications/VMware' | egrep '^solaris[0-9]'

From this, I knew that I needed to put:

guestOS = "solaris11-64"

in /Users/marca/Documents/Virtual\ Machines/OpenIndiana\ Build\ 151a\ Desktop.vmwarevm/OpenIndiana\ Build\ 151a\ Desktop.vmx

Setting up OpenIndiana b151A

I’m in the process of installing OpenIndiana b151A in a VMware Fusion virtual machine.

Main reason is that I’ve become interested in DTrace and DTrace comes from the world of Solaris. OS X has DTrace too, but I’m noticing that it differs quite a bit from DTrace on Solaris, especially when it comes to developing with it — i.e.: instrumenting software with USDT probes.