Fixing VMware guestOS setting after the fact

I set up an OpenIndiana vm in VMware Fusion (see earlier post) but while setting it up, I accidentally selected “Other” for the guest OS type instead of “Solaris”. As a result, later on when I wanted to install VMware Tools, it wasn’t available in the menu because the system didn’t know which CD image to mount.

The fix was to edit the guestOS setting in the .vmx file.

But first I needed to figure out what the valid settings are for guestOS.

I took a clue from this page and did this:

$ strings '/Applications/VMware' | egrep '^solaris[0-9]'

From this, I knew that I needed to put:

guestOS = "solaris11-64"

in /Users/marca/Documents/Virtual\ Machines/OpenIndiana\ Build\ 151a\ Desktop.vmwarevm/OpenIndiana\ Build\ 151a\ Desktop.vmx

Shuttle bus breakdown

I take a shuttle bus to work every day that I can.

Today our bus broke down right by the interchange between highways 85 and 280. Luckily another bus was nearby and was able to pick us up  around 15 minutes later or so.

The buses seem to have a pretty fair amount of mechanical problems. Not too long ago, another bus breakdown made the bus more than 30 minutes late to pick us up at the light rail station and we all took our cars that day. A few weeks before that, there was a mechanical problem with the bus just after it picked us up and we had to wait for another bus to come out.

So that’s at least 3 mechanical problems there and I’ve only been working here since early August.

The bus works well most of the time, though, and is very convenient when it does.


This is the “bookcase” that was issued to me (and many of my colleagues) at work.


As you can see, it’s not very practical, especially with the height of the shelves, which makes it impossible to fully utilize the space without resorting to stacking and the overall height makes it too tall to fit under my standard-issue cubicle desk, pretty much forcing it to be in the one particular spot where it partially blocks my whiteboard.

In general, the new building and the cubicles are very nice, but the bookcases I think missed the mark.