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Here are two Atari computer programs (written in BASIC) and accompanying articles that I wrote for Antic Magazine when I was a teenager. They’re also available at I am grateful to them for them scanning and making this content available on the Web. I have my own local copies below, just in case this great site ever goes away.

Antic Vol. 8 No. 3 – July 1989 – Atari Glyphics

Antic Vol. 8 No. 8 – February/March 1990 – Atari Recorder


  • Disk images with my programs “Red Squares” and “Pull-Down Menus”:
  • These disk images can be easily loaded into an Atari emulator. For some suggested emulators, see the links below. Assuming that you’ve mounted one of these disk images on the second disk drive (you probably want to use the first disk drive to load a DOS image), you’d type the following commands in Atari BASIC to load the programs:


    – or –


    After loading one of the programs, you could use LIST to list the BASIC code or RUN to run the program.

  • DOS 2.5 disk image (DOS25.XFD)


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  1. Wow, happy memories of hacking away on my Atari and importing Antic magazine at great expense to the UK 🙂

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