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  1. Hi Marc,

    I came across your resume and your background and skills are a match to a position with my client. This is a Fulltime Position.
    I would like to talk to you more about your skills and Background.

    Kindly let me know whats the best number adn time to reach you.

    You can reach me at 415-503-4306

    Naren Ganjoo
    Foundation Systems, Inc.
    San Francisco, CA
    voice – 415-503-4306

  2. Hi,Marc —

    I’m a recruiter in Central NY. Do you have any interest in returning here to live and work?
    If so, please drop me a note including your contact information.

    Best wishes,

    Kathryn Duflo
    Technical Recruiter

  3. Marc, I am a headhunter based in the UK. I have come across your profile and subsequent blog through Linkedin.com. I would like to approach you with a potential opportunity I have with the workds largest online gaming operator. The company is based in Spain.
    Please advise me on the best way to communicate with you.
    George Hrstic – 0044 870 60 50 401

  4. Hi Marc,

    I am a recruiter working with Ecast interactive entertainment network in San Francisco. I wanted to talk to you about a senior software development engineer position. If interested, I can be reached at 415-785-7833 x216. Thanks.

  5. Hi Marc,
    I have a position that you would be great for. You would be working on a really cool project! I’d like to see if you are a good fit OR if you know of any other engineers that would be interested.
    415-951-8051 x 1410

  6. I have come across your profile. I have a fulltime oppurtunity for you with our premier client based in Seattle, WA.

    kindly go through the requirement and let me know your comfort level. if interested, respond me with your updated resume ASAP.


    Our client, the worldwide online retail leader, is looking for a motivated software engineer to join the critically important Product Compliance Team. As a result of your work, our customers worldwide will be protected from product safety issues and will receive their purchases in compliance with local, state, federal and international regulations. Your software can make an immediate impact in our customers’ lives!

    Your software will also interface directly with the vital machinery, people and processes essential to shipping millions of packages each year. You should be excited about developing new systems from the ground up and driven to discover and utilize existing components. We will rely on you to be responsible for end-to-end functionality of your software, collaborating productively with other engineers and scientists on a results-focused, multi-disciplinary team.


    Your strong grasp of computer science fundamentals will serve as the basis for your technical approach and you should have at least five years of experience in most of the following areas:

    Distributed, service-oriented architecture
    Message bus architectures and implementations
    Transaction-based systems
    Construction of mission-critical, large-scale systems
    UNIX or LINUX; object-oriented design and coding in C++; SQL; Perl; and data modeling.
    Experience in setting up and managing automated deployment of software and a good grasp of the n-tier architecture is very helpful.
    Knowledge of statistics, applied math such as queue theory, or operations research techniques is a plus.
    Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
    Ability to communicate and discuss software components in simple terms with managers and in great detail with other software development engineers.
    Position is in Seattle, Washington.
    Some travel may be required.

  7. Hi Marc,

    I’d be interested in opening a dialogue with you regarding positions within my SW Engineering team here at PayPal. Drop me a line if you are interested.

    Thank you,


  8. Hey Marc,

    Well, from your website and comments section, I can see that you’re a “wanted” man. When you have a chance, I would like to discuss an opportunity available at Ocarina Networks. We’re looking for a Rockstar Developer…no pun intended.

    I’d appreciate hearing from you.


  9. Hi Marc,
    I can see and read the comments and the offer for you. You are the candidate every organization would be proud of. have an immediate requirement for Software Engineer/Network Management at Mountain View, CA.Its a very challenging and exciting project. I would like discuss the opportunity in more detail with you.

    Kindly let me know whats the best number and time to reach you.

    You can reach me at 408-361-8052

  10. Marc,

    I am a headhunter here in the Silicon Valley for that past 16 years…

    We have a very compelling group of individuals from eBay, Yahoo! and eBay that are looking to build a very large scale Commercial/Consumer offering. We are looking for someone to build the UI right from the beginning. Interested?


  11. Hi Marc,

    Your background is impressive!

    You will be an ideal candidate for a FTE position in Mountain View that I am trying to fill. Please drop me an e-mail or call me at 510-353-0303.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  12. Nice guitar, if there is any small chance you want to move to NYC, this is a once in a lifetime client.Please call me on (718)923-1111
    X291, if not for you, then any associates with a similar profile. Good luck:My client is an extremely technology driven firm, with most of the development done using core Java, but candidates with strong C++ viewed as totally suitable candidates as well. At xxxx, the belief is that a strong programmer is a strong programmer, regardless of the language(s) a person currently utilizes for development. They would rather us find a great technologist managing a smaller team, than a good technologist managing a larger team.

    Appropriate candidates will interview across a number of groups within xxxxduring an all day interview (Platform Services, Research Engineering, Data Engineering, Execution are their 4 groups) and then the determination will be made jointly as to which team would be the best fit for the individual to become part of. Compensation for these roles is wide open, with the potential for a significant base salary, bonus buyouts and guarantees.

    Some additional facts:

    – hired 19 SW developers in 2007, and hired 16 SW developers in 2008. They haven’t lost ONE Developer over this period of time.
    – was founded in 2001, by a couple of people from xxx. Now have just north of 5 billion dollars under management.
    -xxx has 3 offices in Soho, 1 in London, and 1 in Houston…….they have ~200 employees, about 120 of those employees are in IT.
    -They just launched 2 new funds in April of 2008 which have been very successful, no small feat in these economic times.

  13. Hi Marc,

    I’m not a recruiter or looking to hire. I found your resume while searching for Atari 5200 BIOS files.

    Thanks for the files.

    Nice resumes, too.

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